Humans’ thirst for knowledge drives them day by day to push their limits, to be better at everything and to surpass past generations. Technology had flourished in the third millennium, reaching new heights that our ancestors couldn’t even imagine. The prospect for the future is that, in our life span, technology will develop in a radical way. Who knows, maybe we will have flying cars and all those SCI-Fi scenarios soon enough.

            SAP experts, a leading German multinational software company, thought of one of the most important technological tendencies that will shape our near future. Let’s discover together some of these technologies.

Massive Progress in Computing Power

          Nowadays computers are very powerful in comparison with the first series of machines, still, they can’t compete with cuantic computers. These new types of computers will be an essential part of enterprise servers and they will be found on the desks of every research laboratories desks. The rise of quantum computing will allow us to breach the barrier that was on our way of processing the infinite amount of data. The contribution of 5G technology, especially by having a higher download speed and a greater bandwidth, will facilitate the rise of quantum computers.

Automatization of Labor

          SAP experts affirm that the revolution of productivity and automatization, named Industry 4.0, will have an great impact on the labor market and society in general. This will be a hot topic that will be highly debated over the years. Although the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the robotics industry will not replace the human workforce any time soon, it will still produce some changes in the near future. Work days might be shortened to four days a week, which could give reason to some unrest and disbelief.

            As a Managing Director of SAR says: “The improvement of productivity efficiency, advanced planning and the predictability determined by technologic innovation will continue to reduce the costs. This will help companies to streamline their business processes. It is for sure that these developments will have a major impact on our society and economy”.

Personal Data & More

            Some studies show that in the future, our personal data will have an important impact on the market. Not only that the huge amount of datas found on digital space will lead to apparition of new businesses but they will be sources of income too. Can you imagine a world where “likes” will be the new currency. How crazy will it be to play in the future some free slots and be awarded in likes? The jokes aside, many companies are willing to invest in this type of future. But a deciding factor in this matter will be the governments. Who knows, maybe new legal frameworks will appear.

            The present without our smartphone is hard to imagine, the future without it is impossible to envisage. The fact that we depend so much on technology, especially on smartphones, will lead to new ways of accessing all this information in a much easier way. The new breakthrough will consist in inventing something that will replace the smartphones. maybe something which we could control with our minds. Or for those of you who are more open-minded maybe an underskin chip will be the solution you need.

            A very delicate subject, the mechanization of humans will probably be common in a couple of decades from now on. If we can create such fine technology why not use it on ourselves? Throughout history humans have been constantly evolving, the cybernetic organisms will be the next step on the evolution ladder.

Sustainable Energy

          As the human race never ceases to try and improve its way of living, even if this means that it will often destroy its surrounding ecosystem, inclining on more bio energies is a must. Technology will focus more in the direction of better energies such as solar, atomic, wind and biofuels. Which promises an alternative for a much greener and cleaner world. Technology will also be used for newly discovered energies such as fuel cells, ocean and geothermal energy.

            A much cheaper energy source will allow humans to produce more efficient products in a more sustainable way. A cheaper energy also means that the transportation will greatly benefit from it. Electric cars will slowly replace its fossil fuel counterparts.


          Although we won’t be able to space travel or colonize other planets at the end of this decade, our life could still improve in a lot of ways. So let’s take a seat and watch this great show called the future.