Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA): What to Expect From Elon Musk’s Big Announcement


The enigmatic Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO, Elon Musk, is set to bring to an end the speculation around the ‘D and something else’ tonight. The debate has already had its sheer impact on the company’s stock which has maintained an impressive rally heading into the big announcement. The internet world according to Bloomberg’s Bett Liu has remained abuzz of speculation on what Tesla might be planning to unveil.

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Speculation is ripe that Tesla could be planning to unveil an all-wheel drive that is an upgrade of the Model-S

“There is all this speculation that it could be an all-wheel drive dual motor version of the Model-S. I have heard everything from driverless car to maybe even a convertible Model-S,” said Mrs. Liu

 Musk’s tweet ‘About time to unveil a D and something else’ has been retweeted over 14,000 times. Allowing Tesla’s stock price to surge in the market by 9%. The CEO has already stated that some people have already gotten it right with their guesses on what the company’s big announcement could be.

The frenzy behind Tesla has been immense considering it is not a gadget that is being released, but may be a car and from a company that only sells about 35,000 cars annually. Speculation has been ripe that the D essentially stands for dual-motor meaning the company is planning to unveil a model that is an all-wheel drive and probably an upgrade of Model-S

The major concern in Wall Street at the moment is the fact that three-quarters of Tesla’s stock valuation at the moment factors products that have not yet been released.  Tesla is planning to address the mass-market need in the future, by reportedly developing a car that is consumer-friendly in terms of pricing.

Tesla’s valuation also factors in the Gigafactory that is under construction and expected to be a great asset addition especially in the development of cheaper models.

Daniel Benton‘s Andor Capital Management held 1.25 million shares worth $300.07 million at the end of the second quarter of 2014.

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