Tesla Motors Inc’s (TSLA) Model S Gets Caught Up In Fire Mishap Reviews


Speaking to CNBC on the recent news about a violet car crash that included a Tesla Model S, television car host Lauren Fix, who is also known as the ‘The Car Coach’, and Craig Irwin from Wedbush Securities discuss on the repercussions of such an event on Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA).

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“If they (Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)) end up having problems like this with fires which is inherent with any vehicle, they need to show, whether it’s fair or not, if they may have taken really big beating with the consumer, because I don’t know, this was publicly announced everywhere, was all in the news, was all with the print, tat Tesla has two fires that the cars, people were injured, people died,” Fix said.

Fix added that the mishap is a total nightmare for Tesla as the company had not seen such events in the past, but now since they have such a calamity, they need to have a proper attitude on it.

Meanwhile, Irwin said: “So, crashes are bad, there is no question about that and you never want to see fatalities, but the fire rate in Tesla’s vehicles is close to an order of magnitude lower than what you see in conventional vehicles. So on a relative basis, I can say danger in Tesla’s vehicles is a fraction to that in other conventional vehicles that the other guest wants to defend.”

Irwin added that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has proven that it knows how to make cars and also they have proven with their crash safety tests that they can deliver best in class performance and since they have got a hot brand and famous products, a lot of people would like to take their shots on the company based on a recent accident.

Meanwhile, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is also trying hard with lawmakers to allow consumers directly to buy cars from the company, instead of dealerships, which is the first of a kind step taken by any automaker till now.

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  1. The driver of the stolen Tesla that crashed, split in 1/2, bursts into an inferno & exploded; allegedly has died twice. Allegedly he died the on July 4 when he stole and crashed the vehicle. Emergency responders resuscitated him. Then he died again on July 7. Yet Tesla fan boys have hyped the Tesla crash as nonfatal and keep hyping the Tesla as safe. Photos seem to suggest that the Tesla driver airbag may have not deployed.

    Years ago safety advocates warned that lithium batteries were flammable, explosive and could emit toxic fumes; yet Tesla fan boys hyped the Tesla batteries as being safe. Tesla’s have had so many fires that they are nicknamed toasters.

    Last week a Tesla and its driver killed three people and set their car on fire; yet Tesla fan boys are hyping the crash as an example that the Tesla is safe.

    Last week a stolen Tesla crashed in West Hollywood, broke in half, bursts into an inferno, exploded, sent flaming shrapnel through the neighborhood, and spewed toxic fumes; yet Tesla fan boys hype the Tesla as being safe..

    Tesla’s poorly designed charge connectors have overheated, melted and burned., Poor manufacturing and poor quality control contributed to the problems. A fire department ruled that a Tesla charger was a possible source of a garage fire in California. Yet Tesla fan boys hype the Tesla as being safe and try to scapegoat the problems on wall outlets and house wiring.

    The software update that Tesla fan boys hyped as a “fix” for the universal mobile charger fire hazards, didn’t stop the UMCs from overheating, melting & burning.

    The recalled adapter, that Tesla fan boys hyped as not being a recall, still has not completely solved the problems. There still has been UMCs that have been overheating and melting. Yet Tesla fan boys are hyping it as safe..

    Most modern light poles are supposed to be breakaway to reduce the amount of damage and injury during a crash. The fact that the Tesla was ripped in half, suggests that Tesla has a structural weakness.

    How was the car stolen? Was Tesla complacent, did they leave “keys” where they easily could be stolen? Has Tesla skimped on safety by not keeping the “keys” in a lock box? Did the thieves exploit a security vulnerability in the Tesla model S. designs and/or in Tesla’s lax procedures/policies?

    The high-speed Tesla stolen car chase put public safety at risk, was the high-speed chase really necessary? Wasn’t GPS tracking activated in the car? If so; shouldn’t have Tesla & law enforcement cooperated to intercept the stolen car instead of having a high-speed police chase?

    If safety really was a top priority for Tesla, shouldn’t Tesla have a remote shutdown feature in case a Tesla is stolen and/or involved in a high-speed chase? A remote shutdown command, could disable the drive train, and apply the parking brakes when the vehicle comes to a stop.

    Allegedly Tesla has secret service bulletins on safety issues like faulty brakes., If safety really was a top priority for Tesla, shouldn’t Tesla be transparent? Shouldn’t service bulletins, especially ones that are related to safety be readily available to independent service shops, educators, owners, customers, prospective buyers and the general public?

    Tesla lithium drive batteries more easily catch fire and explode after being punctured, then gasoline tanks. The Tesla is much like a Ford Pinto, yet Tesla is hyped as being safe. When only about 30,000 Tesla’s were made, 3 of them caught on fire and/or exploded from being in accidents or only running over road debris.. When only 30,000 Ford Pintos were made how many of them have caught fire and/or exploded from being in accidents or running over road debris? In some respects the Tesla seems to be more dangerous than the Ford Pinto. How come Tesla is given favorable treatment?

    Teslas have been suddenly shuting off leaving drivers and passengers dangerously stranded in traffic; much like GM’s ignition switch problems; yet Tesla is hyped as being safe. How come Tesla is given favorable treatment?

    There was a Tesla related fire in a garage in Toronto. Allegedly the source of the fire was the Tesla. Is the fire department’s investigation done? If so, how come the findings aren’t widely known? The government and Tesla were investigating the fire. How come more detailed facts and results seemingly haven’t been disclosed yet? Is there a cover-up? Allegedly the Tesla wasn’t even charging, so does Tesla have some other design flaw that is a fire hazard?

    I think Tesla fan boys are being less than honest when they hype Tesla safety. It is sickening to see Tesla fan boys exploiting tragedies to shill for Tesla by spamming lies and hyping Tesla safety.

    • Of course, that would mean that someone would be manning the switch at 12.30am, when the vehicle was stolen, & that the police even thought about it. How long was the chase? I have read many stories over the years, of vehicles just bursting into flames, just sitting at the lights waiting. No debris was required. I don’t have any affiliation with Tesla, nor have I even seen one in real life, but have worked in the auto industry for over 30 years & most service outlets dont lock away the keys. In fact, most, if not all service centres, leave the keys for the vehicles in the workshop, in the cars. Yes, there is a lot of hype, but then there are those who seek any angle to shout them down. It’s called the tall poppy syndrome over here. Small minded people who hate other peoples success. Hey, life doesn’t come with a remote control. If you want to change it, get off your butt and do it yourself.

    • I have 3600 shares which are helping to crush your short position. Been long for almost two years.

      Shorts are such desperate liars.

    • Just so everyone understands.
      Jim works for and is a shill/mole for BIG OIL/ICE car manufacturers.
      He spreads lies and misinformation at every opportunity, and fails to even notice the fact that millions of ICE car recalls have taken place in 2014 alone, that there are hundreds of thousands of ICE car fires a year which cause hundreds of deaths each year. He fails to mention the Billions in tax payer subsidies given to BIG OIL each year so that the BIG OIL BILLIONAIRES can make record profits, while the US tax-payer props them up through subsidies and protects their business via the industrial military complex and foreign wars. Everyone of his fallacious statements above can be debunked by simply review of the truth. He is simply trying to protect BIG OIL/ICE car manufacturers and is likely paid by them to do so.
      He simply cuts and pastes the above lies into as many websites as he can.

    • This guy Jim is on the wrong side of history. He must still be riding a horse a buggy with the ignorance he’s demonstrating

  2. Wow, just reading Jim’s comments lets me know just how stupid people can be or how low they will stoop for money. Either way, that was one of the dumbest things I have ever read. I guess this idiot didn’t hear about Paul Walker’s fatal, burnt to a crisp wreck in a gasoline car. Here’s the truth. Not from me, but from an expert on car fires at the National Fire Protection Association. Read it, and try to let it sink in. I know that is hard. Especially this sentence – “None of the fatalities involved electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.” NONE!!!

    “There were 172,500 vehicle fires in the U.S. in 2012, resulting in 300 deaths, according to National Fire Protection Association data. None of the fatalities involved electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, said Grant.
    Gasoline Fires

    “We’ve been watching quite closely and electric vehicles in fact have had a very good track record,” Grant said. “There’s nothing that suggests a greater risk than for gasoline vehicles.”

  3. Jim. You’ve been banned from. It’s websites yet you continue to post the same drivel. Why do you waste so. Ugh energy on tesla? Either you are wanted in bay 3 for an oil change for a shady dealer( is there any other) , or the oil company is paying you to spend 20 house a day on the computer searching for tesla posts. Sad life you lead

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  5. Victor Snifalotapus on

    Tesla fanbois are so emotionally invested in this company that they refuse do believe these cars are anything but perfect.

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