The 10 Best Selling Role Playing Games of All Time for PC


When it comes to entertainment the video game industry have most certainly made its mark. From the humble “pong” (a tennis inspired game from the early days of video games) console, video games have evolved into a dynamic and an amazing way of entertainment. Like movies, video games also consist of many genres, like shooting, strategy, racing, casual the list goes on and on. This enables gamers of every preference to take their pick and enjoy video games. The game developers have made sure not to miss out on any potential gamer by introducing a plethora of genres, that will match anyone’s preference.

One such category of video games is the role playing games, or more commonly abbreviated as RPGs. Here the player assumes the role of the hero and tries to complete a set of objectives assigned to him/her, in order to progress through the story. The game usually requires the player to make the assumed character more powerful and skilled as well to progress further. The character progression into these kind of games is normally implemented via leveling system, also acquiring better items and gear for the character to use will make the character stronger.

If you are an RPG fan, then the following article will definitely interest you quite a lot, its about The 10 Best Selling Role Playing Games of All Time for PC. Please consider reading the full article for  finer details.