Video games have taken over the entertainment industry, from children old enough to hold a smartphone, to the senior citizens, all demographic segments now indulges in a little bit of gaming fun, to perhaps pass the time or even as an alternative to a movie or television. It is observed that most of the gamers do not stick to a single game for a long period of time, they look for new experiences whenever possible. Building further upon this idea, game developers all around the world try to create game franchises, meaning if a game manages to accumulate enough fan following, it is likely to receive a new release for that title in the next year. The video game industry is sales driven, meaning if an idea worked in the past, many companies tend to follow that idea and expand over it. Developers also consider (most of the time) what the audiences have to say about a product, and then they try to incorporate that in the game. This is a marketing strategy, none the less gamers do feel a connection with the respective game.

In the yesteryear, many franchises by giant game publishing companies saw new additions, also many new companies came forward with novel ideas and unique story lines. Without a doubt the competition among these games had been an interesting and fierce one. If you would like to know more on the matter please follow the link to The 10 Best Selling Video Games Worldwide in 2014. And make sure you did not miss any major title from last year.