The 10 Electric Vehicles with the Longest Range


It is about time we stop turning away from the inevitable. We are slowly but surely killing the planet, carbon emission from our daily activities is one of the major reasons for this. World over people are taking initiatives to limit the usage of fossil fuel and diminish greenhouse effect. This green mentality is very much needed or else the planet that we all can call home will become virtually inhabitable in very near future.

The transportation we use, the cars produce immense quantities of carbon monoxide every day. But to cope with the necessities of modern life, the  motor vehicles are an absolute necessity. We just cannot deny the importance of motorized transportation for our civilization to progress further. Therefore, to bridge both ends several automobile manufacturers have produced electronic cars. But the problem with these vehicles is their mileage, for long distance travelling using an electronic vehicle can become a bit tricky, you just can go to a gas station to refuel if necessary. People are a bit skeptical of these machines, when it comes to long distance trips.

Are you wondering whether the electronic cars can actually handle the distances that a fuel car can, then please go to the main article page The 10 Electric Vehicles with the Longest Range to find out what the latest electric cars have to offer. This article has the listings of cars by mileage.