The 10 Free Apps You Aren’t Using, but Should Be


The advent of smartphone brought about a plethora of changes to modern life. And needless to say the smartphones are here to stay for the better. But as with people no single smartphone is identical to another, yes, I know that they are produced identically in the factories if they belong to the same model, however, when a user gets a hold of them it becomes unique. The smartphones are designed to be customized, they run on operating systems which allow the users to install applications or softwares on the device to their liking, they are no longer stuck with the selection of apps that come stock with the phone. All the major operating systems of today’s smartphones has their respective app libraries, consisting of huge, number of applications.

There are some applications that can be found on every device, like the Facebook, angry-birds because of the popularity of these apps. However, there are some really great applications for both the major operating systems, namely the iOS and the Android that does not seem to get much attention despite the awesome facilities they provide. These applications are somewhat obscure, but that does not make them any less useful.

To highlight such amazing apps, we have come up with a list of The 10 Free Apps You Aren’t Using, but Should Be. These apps provide the user with some unique features that are extremely useful. Please go through the list and try them out if you are looking to further customize your smartphone.