The 10 Most Expensive Android Apps


The Android application market is bustling with new releases. Since the Android operated smartphones are the most prevalent among all others, the demand for new applications is at all time high. The best place to pick up your Android apps is the Google play store. But Google play store has placed the upper limit of 200 US dollars on any downloadable, which is quite a significant sum for a smartphone application. But that does not stop Android enthusiasts with a bit of extra cash to spare from buying these premium applications. However, it is not absolutely necessary to own very expensive application or apps to fully realize the potential of your smartphone.

Most of the apps offered on Google play are free to download, or costs very little. But still why there exists some super expensive application always makes me wonder. The apps I am talking about here do however come with some few extra bells and whistles that can give you an upper hand in tricky situations. So my recommendation is, if you are an Android user with a bit of extra cash to spend, do check these apps out for yourself.

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