The 10 Most Expensive Android Phones in the World


The smartphone market is very accessible to people from all walks of life. Even though in the beginning of the smartphone’s journey most models were marketed towards high end users of the spectrum, but today it is not the case. With the exception of only a few brands, most prominent smartphone manufacturers have products which can appeal to a wide range of customers.

But there are some brands, which only target the niche who want super premium smartphones, who wants extravagance not just expensive smartphones. The regular models offered by Apple or Samsung are quite expensive, but here I am talking about smartphones that costs a fortune. The price tag of some of these smartphones is so huge that you would have a hard time believing it, well if you do not belong in that niche that is. The practicality of these phones is questionable, but the status boost it will provide to the owner of such a device is extraordinary. You have to treat these objects of desires as jewelry, and I am not wrong in saying it because some of these phones are actually embedded with real gemstones and are made from expensive metals.

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