The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in North America


The modern civilization is pretty much based on cities, bustling will all sorts of activities, from politics, arts, businesses, conventions you name it, all that happens in cities. If you wish to associate yourself with the modern society you ought to live in the city, which is pretty much the general norm. Though if I still prefer to live a blissfully tranquil life, you have the option of pursuing that in the villages as well. Today we will be talking about some cities located in the North American region, but not just limited to The United States of America. If you happen to live there, or travel around those parts of the world, you have likely noticed the price hike when you hit some certain cities, let’s take New York for example, it is a very popular city within the United States, also it is a major tourist attraction. The cost of living in New York City is rather high compared to nearby cities. Well, there are many things that contribute to the cost of living, such as cost of goods, purchasing power of residents, accommodation expenses within the city limits, etc. If this things are in a favorable condition, things can really add up to making the city rather expensive to live in.

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