The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Rent in the World


The current condition of the world economy is not secret to anyone. Well, the world has pulled itself up from the recession, but  the economy still has not regained its former strength as of yet. New projects are indeed undertaken by governments and private investors, but the risk is rather high in pretty much every field of investment you can think of, except one, and that is the real estate business. Trends show that, regardless of the economic conditions, real estate most definitely will appreciate over time. Though the rate at which it appreciates may differ, but its appreciation is obvious no less.

We have put together a list of The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Rent in the World, at insider monkey’s blog page, you can access the full article by clicking on the link provided here. As the name implies, if you go about reading this article, you will learn about the countries where rent or accommodation expenses are rather high at the moment. If you happen to be planning a trip there, you can now be prepared, or even better if you have been looking for an investment opportunity, the article not just lists the rent expenses, but other related information as well, such as the approximate purchase price of real estate in respective countries and also the approximate yield ratio. In any case I highly recommend that you go through the article in order to find out the fascinating facts about the real estate market overseas