I think everyone can agree on the importance of wearing good clothing at public gatherings. However superficial it may seem, but if you are not dressed properly, it is likely you will not be given proper attention. Well, the clothes does not change the person wearing it, but to be sociable it is the norm to dress accordingly, and in the end we humans are social beings, so it’s better to conform to the social norms than to rebel against it. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with people’s desire to look good either. A designer dress or a suit can easily give you the look you deserve anyway. Thanks to the regular clothing stores, dressing up is not that much of an expensive affair, unless you wish to the most expensive clothing stores in United States. Yes, like everything else, there are clothing stores that are pretty much exclusive to rich people. If you happen to stumble across one, unless you are one of the richest person in town, you will likely flee the spot as soon as possible, after you manage to take a peek at the price tags. These stores focus solely on designer clothing, and can provide not just the apparel but an entire clothing solution to its clients.

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