The 10 Most Expensive Cruise Ships in the World


If you have plenty of money to spare, there are many things you can do with the extra money on you. Same goes for the rich and famous, but they cannot just go to an expensive restaurant for a lovely dinner, because that is where they probably where they usually go to have a meal. Hence the need arose for things like a pleasure cruise. Once travelling by sea was the only means of travelling over long distances, thanks to profound developments in science and technology, if today one had to go to another continent per say, travelling by air is much more efficient and convenient. But, the sea cruises did not die out yet, in fact far from it. They have merely taken another form nowadays. Where the journey on a cruise ship is the object of the voyage, not the destination. These ships are chock full of luxurious features, and can accommodate quite a lot of people on board. Rich people every now and then hop in on one, and have some fun time on the seas. However, not all cruise ships are super expensive, but today we chose to focus on the most expensive ones, that are full of extravagant features.

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