The 10 Most Expensive Dresses Ever Worn to the Oscars


The Oscars or Academy awards have always been the platform where all showbiz superstars join together to celebrate the cinematic achievements. But besides that, all the celebs get to show off their sense of fashion to the world as well. Because all the keen eyes remain peeled to the red carpet for the entire duration of the program. As reporters from all around the world flock together to cover the event live. It is safe to assume that the Oscars are something more than just a stage to celebrate cinema. Here, the sense of fashion upheld by each individual associated with cinema, is scrutinized down to microscopic level (figuratively speaking). No one, wants to get caught here in an outfit that might catch the attention of the “fashion police”.

It is not hard to imagine the level of extravagance and opulence an even like the Oscar may command. And when it comes to the outfit, especially the women are more than willing to spend a quite a bit, even by celebrity standards on the most luxurious, fashionable and creative dress they can get their hands on.

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