Golf is a very competitive sport, fancied by the rich and famous all around the globe. Though it did not turn out to be a sport exclusive to the rich, in its infancy, golf was rather a sport for the common folk. Golf as we know it, is believed to be first conceived in the 15th-century Scotland. And the first golfers were the common folk, not the knights and kings of that era, in fact, it was the peasants who popularized the sport. Back in those days, it did not cost much to get started in the sport, clubs were made out of wood and iron, and the ball was made of leather. And as for the course, what mother nature had designed herself ought to be enough with a hole dug into the ground. However, with time the sport has grown into something very different from then. Because of the huge costs involved, golf has pretty much become a rich person’s sport. The golf course itself is today designed by world class golf course architects. To get anywhere in golf, one must become a member of a golf club, in order to access the wonderful golf course. And as you probably have guessed by now, these memberships do not come cheap.

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