The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps


After its dramatic inception, Apple’s iPhone managed to completely change the concept of mobile communication. The iPhone added the “smart” in smartphones. Still today the high end smartphone market is dominated by the iPhone all around the world. To supplement our smartphone lifestyle we always look for new and impressive applications. And the application download platform for iPhones, the App store has quite a lot to offer. But will you pay more than you paid to get your iPhone for an application?, the highest price a developer can ask for an app is almost a thousand dollars, which is substantially more than the price of an iPhone unit itself.

Since the applications of such price range exist, we can assume so do the buyers. The iPhones are regarded as a status symbol in many communities. But wrapping my head around the idea of purchasing an app that costs more that the phone itself is a bit too much.

Sadly, not everyone will be able to experience the most expensive apps available for iPhones, but no one is stopping us from reading about them. I found the following article on The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps very interesting to read. Also, knowing about these apps and their utilities gave some idea why would an app cost so much. Hopefully, you will find the article equally interesting. Or if you are looking for an expensive to buy, you might find the right app for you on the list.