The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World


Having a good meal at a restaurant is pretty much the universal idea of fun. People from all walks of life, regardless of their personal preferences, income group, biases, will most definitely agree that, every once in a while they do enjoy a hearty meal at a restaurant. Even in the current state of the world economy, the restaurant business is one of the few business ventures that still holds major prominence as an investment opportunity. It is obvious form all the examples in front of us, that people do love to eat good food. I am not trying to imply that home cooked meals are not good, they are most definitely the best kind of meal available, since a lot of love and care usually go into preparing them. But, items which we do not usually get to eat at home, make the restaurants such a popular place. When at the restaurant, at least most of us would order food that requires quite a bit of preparation and or some exotic ingredients, I am talking about celebratory meals here, not the regular day out at the restaurant. There is but one downside to all this, which is the cost. Well, I am not talking on behalf of everyone here, but if I could afford, I would at least have 3 dinners a week at the restaurant of my preference with exotic and expensive dishes.

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