The 10 Most Expensive Ties in the World


Neckties are a clothing article that is pretty commonly worn by businessmen. When coupled with a suit, it really shines and adds a layer of sophistication to the wearer. But it would be wrong if we are to associate neckties only with businessmen, the tie is used as a fashion accessory all over the modern world. The suit has always been the attire of gentlemen, but in most cases it has very little to offer in terms of individuality due to its design features. It is the tie that differentiates someone and portrays his taste and sense of fashion. The neckties have been in use for centuries in one form or another. Even today multiple varieties of tie exist, but as a strictly formal wear, the necktie is accepted the world over. The tie you choose to wear  with your attire displays your confidence, sense of style and maturity. In a formal setting men do not have many ways to convey his mood or personality other than a beautiful necktie. It may be a simple piece of cloth knotted beneath the collar of your shirt, but it speaks of you louder than anything else you happen to wear.

Though a decent enough tie could be bought for around 50 dollars, but that cannot be the topic of an article, therefore at insider monkey’s blog page, we have compiled a list of The 10 Most Expensive Ties in the World. Just click on the provided link to access the full article.