The 10 Most Profitable US Sports Teams


If there is anything close to a real life superhero, I would say that your favorite sports person is it. There are billions of sports fan who looks up their favorite sports person or their favorite teams to triumph when the odds are stacked against them, and when that finally happens the joy the happiness that we feel just goes beyond words. Sports is not just a game of skill and strategy, a great deal of emotion is also involved in it. But if we look through the perspective of a business person, sports are the place where a lot of money could be made very easily. Apart from the million dollar proceeds from ticket sales alone, there are also sponsorship and advertisement contracts that a team can get into. Also, there are sports related merchandise which fans just cannot do without. It should not come as any surprise to fans that at the core of every sport lies the profit making aspect of it. Because in order to acquire the best players and put up a great spectacle for the fans to enjoy a lot of money is required.

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