The 10 Most Successful Video Game Franchises


The development of computers and information technology has led to the creation of a prominent entertainment, called the video games. In the past, one would have to acquire certain, equipments to enjoy video games, such as video game consoles, they came in many forms and shapes, there were some that could be carried along in the pocket. But this is a topic for another day. Now a days to access the fantastic world of video games, there are no longer any for owning a dedicated video game console. The personal computer can run almost any game out there, even some console exclusive titles with the help of special software. Also the average smartphones can run a wide range of video games. The ease of accessibility of video games has drawn in millions of people to gaming alongside hard core gamers. In essence, the gaming industry has grown in popularity so much that it could very well be the number one choice for entertainment for people today.

In the gaming industry the volume of sales and feedback from customers dictate what kind of games the current market wants, this leads to strong community building between game developers and the consumers. Therefore, in the gaming industry a company with the right offering can give birth to a massive franchise. Every year the company would introduce a new title in this franchise and millions of avid fans would flock to get their copy.

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