Social media websites have become the staple in our everyday activity. The internet has successfully redefined the way we interact socially. And the advent of smartphones has truly given us the ability to be everywhere at the same time. And the bulk of our social interactivity is done via all the different social media websites. The social media websites are essentially a platform where registered users are allowed to share content, it can be in the form of texts or media. Also, it gives the users the ability to decide to whom and when the postings will be available for viewing.

Social media websites allow us to connect to our friends and family when we are far away from them. Another major use of social media is sharing information with everyone. And this gave rise to a whole new branch of business opportunities via the social media marketing technique. Now marketers have a proper tool to send their message effectively and efficiently to the maximum number of people. Perhaps the most popular social media website is the Facebook, but by no means people are limited to using just one social media website. There are countless others that offer similar services to its users and are quite popular as well.

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