When it comes to the question of which smartphone is the best, the answer is not unanimous. As there are many opinions about the best smartphones out there, it is really hard to make a purchase decision. It is also completely understandable, why opinions vary from person to person in regards to smartphones, because smartphones are highly customizable and are available in almost any price range, thus people with varied preferences tend to nominate different models. So for someone seeking for the best match for his preferences and price range has to do some research before making the purchase decision.

Whatever the case may be, the numbers do not lie. We have come up with a list of smartphones based solely on the number of units sold worldwide. This has been done to give you an idea about what smartphone buyers are going for these days. But in no way the top phone on this list is to be considered the best, as mentioned earlier, preferences and budgets vary, the best smartphone for you, which meets all the points in your checklist can only be decided by you.

However the following list is sure to give you some assistance in this respect, please visit the following article The 10 Top Selling Smartphones in the World 2014 to read more on this topic. Our endeavor can only bear fruit if it helps our readers, so please leave your responses in the form of comments as well.