The 11 Longest Bridges in the World


We have recently done an awesome article regarding the most expensive bridges of the world, and this is merely a continuation of the series. Today, our topic of discussion will be the longest bridges ever constructed. Bridges are the ultimate, when it comes to a country’s land communication infrastructure. And it is extremely important to have modern land communication, for short to medium range cargo hauling and general purpose travelling, the roadways will be the most popular means of travelling in the foreseeable future. It is also true, when it comes to communication of any sort, be it of data and/or physical goods, time is the key element. The more lag time there is, the more potential for Murphy’s Law to take effect there is. And the bridges are just there to cut down on the lag time. Though the bridges we will be talking about today, are some of the world’s longest, meaning that we will spend a lot of time driving over them, but they still cut the distance from point A to point B considerably. These bridges have been playing a key role in their respective country’s economy, and will continue to facilitate it even further into the future.

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