Beer is the most common alcoholic beverage consumed today. However, there is a possibility that it actually might also be the most oldest of prepared beverages. Evidence found in Iraq and Egypt indicate that beer has been existed during the early Neolithic period around 9500 BC, when cereal was first farmed. So we have established that beer not only is very popular today but it has been around since the ancient times. In modern times beer has been reinforced with vitamin D, and that makes this very popular beverage healthy as well.

Perhaps the primary reason for its popularity today is that beer is rather wallet friendly than other drinks. However, there are many popular breweries around the globe. And every now and then, they seem to produce a special premium batch focused at the high end of the beer consuming market. These such special batches cost quite a lot compared to the regular ones. Whether the premium price is at all justified is a topic for another day. Meanwhile we have compiled a list of The 11 Most Expensive Beers in the World at insider monkey’s blog page. If you are interested to learn more on this subject, then please click on the link to go to the full article page. If you are an enthusiastic beer drinker, then I am sure you will have a lot of fun reading the article.