The 11 Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World


Golf as we know it originated in Scottland in the some time in the fifteenth century A.D. In the early stages of golf, one need not have a wide collection of clubs or equipment to play the game through. Clubs were carved out of wood planks and laced with iron, rather easy to make and afford. But with time as the Golf evolved into something only a wealthy few could actually indulge in playing. As modern clubs are made out of space grade composites and metals like carbon fiber and titanium . Things have gotten a bit pricy. Also, to play the sports, having the right clubs will not do, you need to have a caddy, and a membership to a golfers club. Golf courses are carefully crafted, and designed and they require a huge amount of land as well. And that calls for top dollar. Therefore, making it one of the most exclusive sports for the rich and famous.

If you manage to put together all the necessary components, then you may participate in this wonderful sport. However, as mentioned above, the golf course can be a tricky thing. If you would like to play this majestic sports in a course that not just look beautiful, but is extremely fun to play in as well, you will have to pay quite a bit extra. To know more about the The 11 Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World please click on the link to go to the full article.