The 11 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects


Kickstarter is a website that offers endless opportunities for people who are looking for funding. If you happen to be someone who has a wonderful and innovative idea, but you lack the proper monetary support, then kickstarter is the place you should probably go. Kickstarter is an online meeting place for people with ideas and people with an extra bit of cash, kickstarter offers benefits for both the parties. For example, suppose you invested in a kickstarter project involving development of a new video game, in that case, what usually happens is that, as the backer of the game, you will definitely get an early access to the games alpha and beta tasting phases, and including but not limited to special perks when the game goes live. I pulled the example from my own experience. However, kickstarter projects are not limited to video games, there are virtually boundaries limiting the projects, basically your imagination is the limit for a project that is eligible for crowdfunding at kickstarter.

Because of this wonderful and mutually beneficial framework of the website, many successful projects have come alive and achieved a lot of success worldwide. If you are interested to learn about these kickstarter success stories, then please click on the link to go to the full article on The 11 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects.