The 11 Top Selling Sports Video Games of All Time


In the beginning, video games were not complex enough to be categorized into genres, the first video commercialized and well known video game consisted of a ball bouncing around between two paddles. But from there things have changed, video games have now become more complex than any film or book created for the purpose of entertainment. Because when it comes to video games, alongside the magnificent story, we get to experience the ordeal, the protagonist of the story goes through by ourselves. To describe the current gaming world, we have to categorize the games in its genre by genre or, it will be too much to form bite size pieces with.

There are many genres of modern video games, sometimes there are cross genre video games that portray traits of multiple distinct genres. Perhaps one of the most popular genre of video games today is the sports. Today we will be taking a look at the genre defining sports games.

If you are a fan of the sports games, then you might want to hang around for this one. The following article deals with the The 11 Top Selling Sports Video Games of All Time, if you are looking to pick up a new sports title, then this article will help you make your choice.