The 12 Most Expensive Apple (AAPL) Apps in the Market


Apple is the company which transformed cell phones into smartphones, and gave new meaning to connectivity on the go. Today the phones have become much more than just a communication device. Todays smartphones are very similar to full fledged computers in terms of processing power, and this allows for the user to install complex applications into his/her device to perform tasks that were only possible via a computer less than a decade ago. To realize the potential of our handheld smartphones, we need applications or apps as they are called. Today there are quite a lot of application developing companies for smartphones and also some software developers from the personal computer industry are making their mark as well. As of today the smartphones now have huge first and third party app support. The app stores are full of promising and unique apps that are reinventing how one should use his/her phone.

As the pioneer of smartphone technology, Apple had a head start in this department. And they have managed to capitalize on this situation quite a bit. The app store for iOS operated smartphone is massive in scale and scope. Some innovative apps really will amaze the user to a great degree.

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