The 14 Most Educated Countries in the World


We take pride in ourselves, as social beings. We have achieved so much in such a little time, in comparison to how incomprehensibly ancient the universe is. How did we manage to function as such successful social begins is the question that could come to your mind. The answer is quite simple, “education”. If we look at the matter from a different perspective, we will see, that the countries that promote education is in a far better position than others. Not just in terms of social achievements, but in science, arts, everything. Education cultivates our inherent level of intelligence and accentuates it, and directs it towards its potential. It has been an established fact for centuries. But yet there are nations out there, that do not share this ideology. But it is a topic for another day.

Today let us focus on the nations that actively try to increase literacy and education. And not just primary or secondary level, but tertiary level. The ability to truly appreciate one’s potential can only be achieved after receiving the tertiary level of education, at least that is the case for most of us. This does not only ensure a well paid job, but also as a social being one can carry out his/her responsibilities to society with utmost efficiency.

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