The 14 Most Ridiculous Kickstarter Campaigns


The internet has enabled us to make transactions electronically and over vast distances. And based on the this aspect of the internet many entrepreneurs have proposed many innovative ideas, some caught on fire and some eventually failed and faded away. Among the ideas that actually succeeded one in particular stands out, which is the idea of collecting funds for a project via crowd funding. You may or may not know of a website called the Kickstarter. It is a website where anyone can post his/her idea of a project or business, and ask for finance from the users of this site. The backers who provide funds in support for this project usually are promised some perks after completion of the project. In all of this the Kickstarter authority plays a small role, as the terms of use suggest Kickstarter authority can not be held liable if the entrepreneur does not keep his/her promises or if the project fails. However, the funds that have been accumulated will still go to the entrepreneur. In order to initiate a crowdfunding project one has to only specify the idea, the amount required and a deadline for all this to end.

Some great projects and ideas have taken to life because of this website. However, because of the simplicity, many ridiculous ideas have been by posted and asked for crowded funding by many users. To be honest, I was amused while I read about these kickstarter campaigns. If you would like to have some time, head over to insider monkey’s blog page for the full article about The 14 Most Ridiculous Kickstarter Campaigns.