The 20 Most Profitable Hospitals in the US


Any business operates in order to make profit. Even If it is a nonprofit organization per say, it will generate enough profit to break even. Now when we look at hospitals in the United States, we find that this part of health care industry is growing quite rapidly. Though at the core of its operation, we can find the main driving factor being the willingness to save lives and helping people, but profit making is not out of the question entirely. And quite rightly so, people need motivation to do better, to invent new methods to treat or medical equipment and in today’s world there is no better motivation than big money. This cannot be said for every individual, however, there are many who would be content with just the satisfaction of saving one’s life. Anyway, health care in the United States is an expensive affair no less, bills can mount up to thousands of dollars if you are not properly insured or you are not a citizen of the United States. Thus making the hospitals very good profit making organizations.

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