The 5 Best iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android


When it comes down to operating systems for smartphones, it’s hard to determine which is the best. Mainly there are two big operating systems out there the Android developed by Google and the iOS developed by Apple, though there are other operating systems as well, like the Windows mobile and blackberry, but they are a far cry compared to the aforementioned operating systems.

Both the operating systems have a rich app libraries respectively. Also, most applications are available for both the platforms. However, there are some apps which are exclusives. At least for the time being. The applications that we run on our smartphones, gives it the character. We like to customize our phones to meet our individual needs and preferences. So, I think apps play a vital role in the purchasing decision, alongside other things. If the apps that I am going to need, are readily available on a platform, I will naturally lean toward getting a device that runs on it. It is advisable to assess the app libraries before committing to a certain operating system.

Are you wondering which apps are exclusive to the iOS, at least for the time being?. Well then, please visit the article which lists The 5 Best iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android. Hopefully the article will help you make the right decision, if you were finding it difficult, which operating system to go for.