The 5 Most Expensive Bottled Waters in the World


Water is the source of all the life on planet Earth. The first single celled organism from which the entire living world emerged, came from water (no offense to any religion, I am talking about scientific hypothesis here). The only resource our planet does not have a lack of, is water. However, there is a catch, only a small fraction of readily accessible water is drinkable. We are all pretty much aware of the concept of bottled water. There exists a really growing market of bottled water today. Partly due to witty marketing campaigns and partly out of necessity, we are willing to dish out money to purchase drinkable water. In most cases, the bottled waters just do not contain plain drinking water, they are chemically or otherwise treated. These bottled drinking waters are safe to drink and in addition to that they contain nutrients and minerals that plain tap water does not have. World renowned brand like Coca Cola and Pepsi are involved in this business along with many other brands, some of which specialize only in bottled drinking water. The most basic bottled drinking water can be acquired at a very low cost, however, there are brands who market their premium product at a much higher value.

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