Motorized vehicles, cars in general have become an integral part of any modern society. Yes, there are models out there which are rather exclusive to the upper class, but a person with an average income can own a car pretty much in most parts of the world. You might not look like a speed demon driving it down the road, but it will get the job done for sure. If you own a car of your own, you probably already know that a car is definitely not a onetime investment, it requires a lot of financial commitment after you purchase it. Apart from ever increasing gas prices, and assuming you bought the car new and not have to do any maintenance work, you will end up paying the most money for insurance. Insurance is dependent on many factors, the base price of the car plays a major role, also the make and model, horse power output of the engine etc. But vehicles meant to pull heavy loads get exemption for horse power output, and family cars and SUVs also get exemptions in case of insurance, because it is generally assumed, responsible moms and dads are going to be driving these vehicles thus making these less vulnerable.

If you are a car owner and annoyed with the insurance premium, then by all means please continue, because at insider monkey’s blog page we have come up with a list of The 5 Most Expensive Cars To Insure in the World. Unless you own any of them, if not anything, you can find a way to remedy your annoyance with.