The 5 Most Expensive Luxury Motorhomes in the World


If you like to go on long drives, and take in all the glorious view the countryside roads have to offer, then you might like to know about a few options you have available. The first thing is of course your car, but that is not fun compared to what we are going to discuss today. We will be taking a look at motor homes. Yes motorhomes, RV, or recreational vehicles what ever you want to call it. As I said if you like traveling on an open road you can definitely appreciate a motor home’s importance. The motor home offers you all the amenities of your own home on the go. Things like a kitchen a comfortable bed, and the all important bathroom will pretty much make you an independent unit, you can travel in any direction for any given period. And you can always stock up on supplies as we go through settlements. Even the idea of an adventure like this gets most of excited. But, there is a catch, the motor homes do not come cheap, you have to have quite a bit of money in order to enjoy such a luxurious ride.

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