The 5 Most Expensive Natural Disasters in the World


We may proclaim ourselves the most dominant force on the planet, but in reality, the forces of nature are far superior than us. When humankind comes face to face with mother nature’s untamed fury and wrath, we are reminded of that fact in a grim and harsh way. Even though we can now predict some natural disasters with some degree of accuracy, but that only enables us to minimize the loss of life, but still we are totally at nature’s mercy when it comes to material loss. And events like earthquakes are still unpredictable, and can hit anywhere without warning, and cause tremendous amount of damage.

Even today, with all of our modern equipment and superior understanding of meteorology, a major natural calamity can utterly devastate a nation in an instant. But we cannot blame nature for all the devastation, we are kind of inviting natural disasters with the way we lead our lives. Global warming is a direct result of our way of life. It is true we have to keep moving forward and that is going to take its toll on mother nature, however it is completely within our reach to at least try to minimize pollution and our carbon footprint.

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