The 7 Most Expensive Sodas In The World.


Imagine yourself, chugging down an ice cold bottle of soda or any carbonated beverage of your choice, at a high summer noon, there is just nothing like that feeling. If you are looking for some light hearted instant refreshment, look no further than the soda of your choice. Right alongside all of our favorite alcoholic beverages, sodas have risen to prominence in the modern society. These carbonated drinks will not give you the “kick” but yet you can quench your thirst with style with them. The base ingredient in any popular soda brand in carbonated water. An Englishman named Joseph Priestley was the first person to devise a way to infuse carbon dioxide and water back in the late eighteenth century. By the mid nineteenth century, soft drinks became a highly available and cheap refreshment available to the masses. To this day soda water based beverages dominate the market of soft drinks. You might be thinking to yourself, what is so expensive about sodas that one could make a list out of them, they are hardly a dollar for a can. Well, the thing is, vintage sodas have become collectors’ just like vintage wines. The rarity and mint condition of the container have driven the prices through the roof. Unless you read it for yourself, your will not believe how much someone is willing to pay for a sealed can of soda from another era.

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