The 9 Best Selling Smartphones in Australia


In Australia almost 65-75% of adults are smartphone users. In addition, most Australian smartphone users own multiple smartphones as well. Australia is the sixth country in the list of countries consisting of the most concentrated smartphone markets in the world. In this time and age of smartphones, where the smartphones outnumber personal computers four to one, every major player in the smartphone market is locked in a fierce battle for Australia’s market dominance.

Smasung seems to have had the upper hand, since they started their own marketing campaign early, but others have caught up soon enough. Now there are almost every major brand of smartphones available in Australia. Android has been the predominant operating system on the Australian smartphone market, but the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 6 has turned things around quite a bit. Austrilan’s are taking the iOS with enthusiasm.

If you happen to be an Australian looking to get a new smartphone or perhaps willing to learn more about the Australian smartphone market, then allow me to help. This is the right time for owning a new smartphone, the best models of 2015 by all the major brands have already been introduced into the market. Therefore just go through the article about The 9 Best Selling Smartphones in Australia, and make the right choice for yourself or a friend.