The 9 Most Expensive Designer Bags in the World


Handbags, purses, clutch what ever name may you use to address these beautiful yet functional fashion accessories, they are in integral part of todays modern women’s outfit. They offer the necessary contrast and extension to any dress, gown, or even casual wear, you choose to wear for the occasion. Specially for wearing dresses, a purse or clutch is essential, since you need to carry all that important stuff around on you, such as the smartphone, you credit cards and IDs. Though it’s perfectly alright if you not prefer to have a handbag with you all the time, but you certainly fancy carrying one around on occasions. No matter where ever you go in the civilized world, you will see women carrying this fashion accessory with pride. Thanks to the world famous fashion brands, we now have a wide collection of handbags and likewise to choose from, to match our taste and requirements. But, high end handbags, such as the ones we intend to discuss here can cost quite a bit of money. And should not they, when they are conceived and manufactured by the movers and shakers of the fashion world, and contain exotic and rare gemstones engrafted in them. However, these days you can find a much affordable range of handbags, that can definitely add the essential bling to your style. But, that list will have to wait for the time being.

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