The 9 Most Expensive Designer Shoes in the World


Shoes are very important part of an attire. The wrong choice of shoes can end up ruining the entire charm of your look. After deciding your getup, it is advised to spend a some time to make up your mind about the pair of shoes you are going to wear with it. Like any other clothing article, there are different types of shoes that complement the occasion. For example, in a business meeting you showing up in a converse would not bode well for your image as a business person, rather a formal shoe would do the trick. Back in the ancient times, shoes became a necessity in order to protect the feet from the elements and injury. But today, the primary purpose of shoes is to convey our sense of appearance and fashion. Though purpose made shoes are still in use, but that is not the topic of today. To help us express ourselves better, and make a solid fashion statement, many designers have taken up arms and are working together with world class shoe manufacturing companies. These shoes could very well be compared with works of art or a piece of beautiful jewelry.

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