The 9 Most Expensive Military Planes in the World


The aircraft or heavier than air flying machines saw their first military use in the great war or world war one. Ever since military strategists saw the great strategic potential these machines hold. By the outbreak of world war two, the aircrafts have become a prominent weapon of war for all the major world powers. Germany’s initial success can easily be attributed to the strategic use of its dive bombers in coherence with its tanks. Namely the blitzkrieg (Lightning War) tactics.

As technology evolved, aircrafts became more and more complex and expensive to manufacture in order to stay one step ahead than antiaircraft defenses. Training a pilot also entails a huge amount of cost to the government. Therefore the safety of the pilot in aircraft design took precedence over the ease of manufacturing. Todays most modern aircrafts, classified by experts as the sixth generation of fighting aircrafts cost substantially more. Some of which cost hundreds of millions per unit. But in times of war, having the ability to establish air superiority over the conflict zones not only provides key strategic advantages, but also prevents loss of life to a degree as well.

If you wish to learn about these very expensive pieces of military hardware that are designed to intimidate and strike fear in the hearts of the enemy, please visit the link to The 9 Most Expensive Military Planes in the World.