The 9 Most Expensive Rolls Royce in the World


The best way to travel from point A to point B is on an extravagant private jet. Well, if your destination does not have an airport, then you can go for the second best way of travelling in style and comfort, yes a sinfully luxurious Rolls Royce car. When it comes to luxury and comfort on wheels, only a few measure up to the standards set by the worlds wealthiest of buyers. And Rolls Royece have been dominating this market for many years. Rolls Royce started its operation in the year 1906, the company was founded by two cofounders, Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce on 15 March 1906. Rolls Royce has since been synonymous to automotive excess and the manifestation of ultimate indulgence. Unlike mass production cars, Rolls Royce luxury cars are usually hand made with meticulous attention to detail, that results in utterly magnificent machines that one could go easily compare to a work of art. But as you probably have guessed it by now, these cars do not come cheap, and some models will set you back half a million dollars.

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