The Cooper Companies, Inc. (COO) Insider Albert White Sells 15,980 Shares


Albert White, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at the Cooper Companies, Inc. (NYSE:COO), unloaded 15,980 shares of Common Stock yesterday, paying an average price of $150.89 per share. The sale was executed directly and the insider used stock options to complete his first transaction of this fiscal year so far.

However, White isn’t the only insider actively trading at Cooper Companies. The firm’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Remmel, completed a two day disposition on Friday, unloading 11,767 shares of Common Stock. The insider first sold 5,167 shares for a price of $148.78 per share on Thursday, before disposing of another 6,600 shares for $148.50 on the following day.

In terms of hedge fund positions, this quarter showed some increases in the company’s portfolio participation, but David Stemerman’s Conatus Capital Management remains the largest shareholder, with 929,903 shares, worth approximately $127.7 million. The $7.2 billion market cap medical device firm accounts for 5.65% of the hedge fund’s portfolio.

Disclosure: none