First of all, we need to make something clear: we are not supporting breaking the law at all, even if it is just driving too fast! This article is just meant to be a comfort for the people who are supposed to do their time soon. We are philanthropists, and we just want to help everyone. But if you did something wrong, you have to pay for your acts. The only thing we can help you with is to show you what the easiest prisons to do your time are.
The whole idea of being sentenced to prison is scary. We have all watched movies about convicts and all the problems they can be facing behind bars. While you are out, you might think that walking through the suspicious neighborhood in the middle of the night all by yourself is the scariest thing that can happen to you, but the moment you cross the border of law, the real problem begin. It doesn’t matter what you are sentenced for, but if you don’t have any friends from the inside until you are done serving your time, you need to watch your back. People are laughing when someone goes to prison. They have a much lower opinion of them, not just because they are on the other side of the law, but because they will spend the next couple of years sitting around, getting food and drinks on the government’s and the working class bill, and doing basically nothing. But no one actually realizes how prison can be dangerous. Besides the other convicts who can beat the hell out of you or even worse, you can be molested by the prison guards as well. If you go against some leader who has a bond with some prison guards, you can say goodbye to your life.
The prison is especially dangerous for the rapists and people who did something bad to minors. Totally understandable. But if you got sentenced because of some minor felony, you pray to God that you will be sent to some of the 10 easiest federal prisons to do time.