The Most Amazing 7 Star Hotels in the World You’ll Never Want to Leave


If you happen to be a business person who has to visit a lot of places on business trips, or someone who prefers to stay at lavish hotels whenever you travel, then you probably have noticed the “star rating” system that the hotels boast about. It is basically a grading system which is based on the hotel’s locations, services, accommodations, and amenities. After grading for each criterion the hotel finally gets a rating from 1 to 5 stars, that is how most luxury hotels in the United States operate. However, it can be argued that this grading system is not universally accepted and implemented, there are hotels, which claim to be 7 star rating as well. The first of which is Burj Al Arab hotel, located in Dubai, Aram Emirats. If you have quite a lot of money, and by “quite a lot of” I mean the kind when you do not check on the price tags of jewelry when buying them, then you most certainly can enjoy the extravaganza these hotels have to offer you. And many would agree that when a hotel goes out and claims to be a 7 star rating, they must have some substance behind such a bold claim.

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