The Most Expensive Academy Awards Jewelry in History


The Academy awards is the event when all the stars of the entire sky descend to earth. We are talking about stars here, and all of them try to look their best, especially women. Nobody wants to get caught in less than perfect attire. Because, when they are on the red carpet, the eyes of the entire world will be set on them. And on top of the red carpet there will not be any retakes. Prep work for the Oscars is no easy tasks, it usually costs quite a bit and women usually wears jewelry worth millions of dollars, mostly on load though. When it comes to diamonds and dazzling jewelry, no other red carpet than the Academy Awards has seen so many of them. If you are a jewelry designer, this brings up an opportunity for you as well. All the world famous designers pull out their big guns to get it showcased on the most talked about stars. If they just make it right, it will bring good business. If you just consider the prospect of advertising, it could be worth millions. A mere 30 second advertisement window during the Oscars cost a company around 2 million dollars. If the jeweler manages to put his/her product on the right actor, in terms of advertising alone it would benefit the company millions.

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