An artist may belong to a race or nation, but a work of art is something universal. Something to be admired, something to draw inspiration from. Absolutely no one can own art, regardless whatever means he/she may use to have possession of an artwork. However, that did not stop the thieves from keeping at it. Thieves have been plotting and attempting to steal artworks for a long time. And they have succeeded many times, alas, there are some admirers of art who would not hesitate to employ illegal means to acquire a rare work of art. I do not believe the thieves risk their necks to steal artworks just for adding to their personal collection, sadly there is a market for stolen artwork. And someone who can afford such luxury has to be someone of great importance to society. We do expect better of them.

That being said, there have been some fascinating heists involved when it comes to stolen artworks. Artworks worth millions of dollars have been stolen from various locations over the years. On the insider monkeys blog page, we have compiled a list of The Most Expensive Stolen Paintings in the World, even though a dark subject, it makes for an interesting read. If you are interested to learn more about this topic, then please click on the provided link to get access to the full article.