The safest place for your money: Traditional Vs. Online casinos’ use of technology for security


For those of us who love a good evening of poker or blackjack, an important question arises: Is my money safe with the establishment that is hosting the game? The short answer is “yes”, but it will differ between individual casinos. Another factor to take into account is whether you are choosing to play at a traditional or an online casino. Obviously, each has its own means of securing the safety of your money. Today we will have a look at the differences between safety measures in both traditional and online casinos.

Online Casinos

There seems to be an odd stereotype when it comes to the safety of your money when playing at an online casino. Some people are distrustful and feel that their money is not safe. This is usually because they are not used to paying for services online, or perhaps they are simply used to dealing with tangible cash that can be seen. However, online casinos like  have such sophisticated technology that is employed to keep your money secure. The best way to gain trust of the system is to understand it. Vegas Palms online casino uses top of the line and cutting edge technology to safeguard your money from hackers. Entrust secure banking is used here, and is known to be the best in online secure banking. They use 18-bit SSL technology, as well as data encryption that makes it almost impossible to breach. They are also certified by eCORGA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance), so you know that you are being gaming with a reputable company. Vegas Palms also has a privacy policy so you know that your financial information will be treated with the utmost discretion.

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Traditional Casinos

While online casinos need to make sure hackers cannot access the money, traditional casinos have to protect against criminals physically coming into the casino and taking the money. In addition, they also have to prevent patrons from cheating at table games (which essentially is taking money you could have legitimately won!) –fortunately this is not a concern for online casinos. Therefore traditional casinos need to invest a lot into their security and surveillance systems as these are the most effective ways of deterring crime. CCTV cameras are very good, but new facial recognition technology also allows cameras to identify known thieves and cheats. A license plate reader can also scan for vehicles associated with criminals. In general, cameras are now so small and wide reaching that not only can they be placed discreetly, but they now have hardly any blind spots that people can take advantage of.

In conclusion, it is really difficult to concretely determine what type of casino is able to best secure your money. Due to the fact that traditional and online casinos are vulnerable to theft in different ways (and thus necessitate different types of precautions), it is kind of like comparing apples with pears. At the end of the day though, it does appear that online casinos may have the edge over traditional casinos in terms of being able to be best equipped to safeguard against theft.