So, if you have been preparing for SAT and you are not satisfied with just above average scores, then you have come to the right place. Well, we will not coach you on SAT exams for sure, but we will surely show you a person who can coach you, and who can coach you not to achieve high scores in your SAT exams but potentially score a perfect 2400 in your SAT exams. If you have not heard about Shaan Patel, then let me tell you this, that this Shaan Patel guy is not here to crack jokes. He comes from a pretty average family, but now owns a multi million dollar business and is partner with Mark Cuban. His organization teachers you to prepare for SAT exams. Yes, Shaan Patel did score a perfect 2400 in his SAT exams as well. If you are looking down on a SAT exam, then his organization just might be the right place to start your preparations. Also, his Shark Tank video is rather inspirational as you see him haggle with some of the greatest business persons of our time, and in the end securing a deal with Mark Cuban.

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