People all around the world are obsessed with cameras, if you look at the most used features of a smartphone, it is indeed the camera its right up there with text message sending. Roughly 92% of people use the camera feature on their phones. Also, to further express my claim I call your attention to the fact that, a new word has been invented recently due to the extensive use of cameras, the “selfie”. But most cameras in the world today are mounted on a cellphone, they do get the job done, like uploading photos directly from the device,saving the user the trouble of transferring the image from the camera to the computer, but to actually snap photographs with artistic value one must use the conventional ways of photography, in my opinion.

With advancements made in digital technology, the digital cameras have become main staple in any photographer’s arsenal. Digital technology has allowed the photographer to actually control several elements inherent to the environment.
Modern digital cameras will enable anyone with passion for photography to snap away incredible shots by allowing them the control over the elements. In the old days to achieve this one had to accumulate immense experience in how to manually perform these tasks.

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